(Stuart Haber: Pre-Bitcoin Era)
June 11, 2019

(How Tech has Impacted Provenance and Authenticity in the Art Market)
Panelist: James Garfinkel
June 2019

How technology has impacted provenance and authenticity in the art market

The Lecture Theatre, London
19.00, Tuesday 02 July 2019

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March 13, 2019

Art × Blockchain

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April 2019


A Panel discussion with photojournalist David Burnett, cryptographer Stuart Haber, photographer Phyllis Galembo, artist Kevin Abosch, and critic & historian A.D. Coleman.


Apollo Liftoff, 1969 by David Burnett | Contact Press Images Courtesy of ilon Art Gallery


As Stuart Haber eloquently stated, “The essential problem of how to establish the provenance of digital objects was the original motivation for me… when we invented and then deployed the world's first blockchain in the early 90’s.” Fast forward to 2018, the birth of Intaglio Blockchain, using blockchain as a service to record authenticity and trusted provenance of artworks (objects). Our panel of experts in the Art and / or Tech worlds.

Moderated by:
James Garfinkel
is a co-founder of Intaglio Blockchain LLC and a seasoned business entrepreneur with 40 years of experience in finance, art and photography.

A few words about our distinguished panel:
Stuart Haber is an experienced cryptographer, best known as the co-inventor of the blockchain technique for ensuring the integrity of digital data.  He serves as Chief Scientist of Intaglio Blockchain.

David Burnett is a photojournalist with more than 5 decades of work covering the news, the people, and visual tempo of our age. He is co-founder of Contact Press Images. American Photo magazine named Burnett one of the "100 Most Important People in Photography." is known for his work covering world leaders, international conflicts, and Olympic medalists. In mid 70’s Burnett turned his camera to a young Bob Marley and the exhibition currently on view at the gallery, all tagged and on the blockchain.

Phyllis Galembo has traveled extensively to photograph sites of ritual dress in Africa and the Caribbean since the mid 80’s. Her latest body of work, Mexico, Masks & Rituals, (Radius Books, April 2019) Galembo turns to Mexico. Phyllis was Professor in the Fine Arts Department of SUNY Albany from 1978 to 2018. A 2014 Guggenheim Fellow, Galembo has photographs in numerous public and private collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Phyllis has collaborated with the ilon Art Gallery and Intaglio Blockchain to offer a unique editioned work, tagged by Intaglio and put on the blockchain.

Kevin Abosch works in photography, sculpture, installation, many of which use emerging technologies as a method. The work is driven by his interest in the nature of identity, value, and human currency. Abosch considers art as a means to address ontological questions and respond to sociologic dilemmas. His work has been exhibited throughout the world museums and civic spaces.

A. D. Coleman is an independent American critic, historian, educator, and curator of photography and photo-based art, and a widely published commentator on new digital technologies. He has published 8 books and more than 2000 essays on photography and related subjects. He has lectured and taught internationally; his work has been translated into 21 languages and published in 31 countries. Coleman was the first photo critic for The New York Times, authoring 120 articles during his tenure.

Kevin Abosch seatedin front of his artwork Yellow Lambo and I Am a Coin Series

Kevin Abosch seatedin front of his artwork Yellow Lambo and I Am a Coin Series

Malala Yousafzai by Kevin Abosch

Malala Yousafzai by Kevin Abosch


Presented by Intaglio Blockchain, Intaglio's groundbreaking technology provides artists, museums, dealers collectors and auction houses with a trusted network of blockchains to record authenticity and provenance. Blockchain technology increases trust by its immutable, date and time stamped ledger-type technology, where records are public and information is transparent. All information placed on the Intaglio blockchain is recorded by a verified, certified entity. Blockchain technology can do what no other technology has been able to do for art and photography: provide immutable, trustworthy provenance. Objects are enriched with links to historic, cultural and academic information by sourcing data from the Getty Museum and the Library of Congress. 

ilon Art Gallery is a boutique fine art and photography gallery located in the heart of Harlem. In a historic brownstone, the gallery is an inviting venue to view art and gather. The gallery provides unique access to a vast amount of photographers and artists throughout the world. Although the gallery has days it is open to the public please, check the website or Instagram @ilonartgallery, it is by appointment. Please email Loni at

Bob Marley: Soul Rebel by David Burnett

Bob Marley: Soul Rebel by David Burnett

April 2019

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April 2019

(An entire exhibition put on the blockchain)

April 11, 2019


April 11, 2019


January 2019


(The Birth of Intaglio Blockchain)
July 2018

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