We chose our tagline “A Network of Trusted Blockchains” to emphasis the “trust”, and weaving of multiple blockchain threads into a secure digital fabric.  Following is a summary of how we address trust through our tag and access security procedures.


We use multiple tagging solutions. The forward facing, physical tags are non-transferable and non-reproducible. They connect only to the public chain and therefore are completely secure. The forensic tags identify the object and for this tag use ultra high resolution object imaging.

We continually research to find the best most technological advance solutions.


High-level security is vital to assure that only verified parties have the ability to enter objects on the Intaglio Blockchain. The mechanism that we use for updating information on the Intaglio Blockchain is proof of authority combined with real-time digital certificates. The Intaglio Blockchain will always require multi-factor authentication. Stuart Haber, co-inventor of the first commercial blockchain 13 years before Bitcoin and a world-leading expert in cryptography / computer security, is a founding member of our team.


1. KYC - Know Your Customer
Intaglio Blockchain identity validation uses an industry standard service, the same standard as banking.

2. AML- Anti Money Laundering
Validation is through the Department of Homeland Security and includes enhanced due diligence (EDD).

3. Professional Credential Validation
Validate credentials from appropriate credential authorities (licenses, education, employment, awards, trust of peers, etc.)

4. Certificate Signature
Includes KYC - cleared credential, AML - cleared credential as well as all credentials for each professional certification.

A successfully completed identity validation process allows individuals to record information on the Intaglio Blockchain as their approved role defines.


The Intaglio Blockchain is built on the HyperLedger Indy and Stellar platforms. We chose the Stellar platform for security, scalability and speed. We chose Hyperledger Indy because it is the standard for secure personal identification and credentialing, with revocable credentials, and a full credential issuing and revocation history. Strict verification is required for entering information on the Intaglio Blockchain. We employ real-time certification as well as patent-pending real-time revocation ability.