Artists - Two million Americans describe their primary occupation as artist (NEA) with 17% - or 340,000 - of them making 75% to 100% of their income from it (Artnet).  They alone produce millions of objects annually, and have inventories of previously produced work.

Museums and Institutions - The intense need for the tracking and provenance of objects, collectively housing millions of objects.

Dealers and Galleries - Over 100 members each of AIPAD (Association of International Photographic Art Dealers) and ADAA (Art Dealers Association of America) together sell tens of thousands of objects annually, and have hundreds of thousands of objects in inventory.

Auction Houses - Over 500,000 objects are sold per year by the top - 20 houses worldwide (Artprice) selling billions annually.

Collectors - Want to know the authenticity and provenance of the art collected.


Global Brand Counterfeiting Report 2018: Value of Counterfeited Goods in 2017 Amounted to $1.2 Trillion. Businesswire

Global counterfeiting costs luxury brands billions of dollars. Fashion United

A prominent Chinese museum has been forced to close after their 40,000-strong collection of supposedly ancient relics was almost entirely composed of fakes. The Telegraph

“Are Over Half the Works on the Art Market Really Fakes?” A new study claims over 70 percent of artworks for sale are fakes or misattributions.

The Daily Beast

"Do Not Buy Ancient Artifacts You See Online—Most Are Looted or Fake” The Wall Street Journal reports that up to 80 percent of antiquities on the online market are likely either looted or forgeries.

The Fine Arts Expert Institute states “between 70% and 90% of pieces that go through their laboratory turn out to be fakes.”