with photojournalist David Burnett, cryptographer Stuart Haber, photographer Phyllis Galembo, artist Kevin Abosch, and critic & historian A.D. Coleman

Malala Yousafzai photographed by Kevin Abosch

Malala Yousafzai photographed by Kevin Abosch

ilon Art Gallery | 204 West 123rd St | Harlem

Thursday, May 16th | 6-8:30pm



Welcome to your pathway to blockchain technology for tracking the history of objects.
To begin, a recent TEDx talk from one of the Intaglio founders and blockchain technology co-founder, Stuart Haber. Keep scrolling to read comments from experts, screenshots of the public mobile user interface, more about the Intaglio platform and how to get started. Finally meet the team and read two testimonials from two of our founders. Welcome to Intaglio Blockchain, a network of trusted blockchains.


Like accounting, it generates a ledger.
The ledger stores records.
The records are date and time stamped.
This history is public for all to see.
“What is written is written”: The information cannot be changed.


Our consensus mechanism is Proof of Authority (not Proof of Work like Bitcoin).
Only verified entities can enter transactions.
To be a verified entity one has passed the required multi-factor authentication.
We issue real-time digital certificates, which can be revoked.
We no not require the use of crypto currency.

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Stuart is our chief scientist and co-inventor of blockchain technology. Please watch Stuart Haber’s TEDx talk, December 2018 in Boston, about the beginnings of Blockchain technology.



There is a crucial need to verify an object’s accurate description and ownership history (provenance). A primary concern is authenticity in a world of counterfeit goods and unverified information. Currently there are a lack of standards, transparency and public access to information.

Blockchain can provide a ledger of verified information, with public access, industry standards and transparency of transactions
. Blockchain technology can do for digital assets and provenance what no other technology has been able to do: to provide immutable, trustworthy provenance.


Our Beta Blockchain will be in the Art Space. is a blockchain for service for artists, collectors, museums, dealers and auction houses. Both founders Loni Efron and James Garfinkel are experts in this field and recruited experts in the Blockchain space Stuart Haber and George Lambert.

We supply blockchain technology to record provenance of an object / artwork. It can provide immutable proof of ownership. Records are public so information is transparent.
Places objects into their larger cultural context which then creates the Network Effect.

As with web technology we suffer from data Immortality through link-rot. Blockchain technology provides a more permanent sustainable solution to the world wide web. Finally using the Intaglio Blockchain network will not require any other system than a computer with internet access. How to view and enter on the blockchain follows.

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“Intaglio has boldly put itself on the front line as blockchain surges into the art world. It does not just apply modern technology to age old problems, it invents new technology to solve them with trust and sustainability.” — Nicholas Dawes, VP Special Collections, Heritage Auctions

"Anything that increases collector confidence in this medium as Intaglio Blockchain obviously does can only be a good move." — Peter Fetterman, Director Peter Fetterman Gallery

“Intaglio presents one of the best uses of block-chain that I have come across. Creating a tool for the art market to increase trust between collectors, artists and art sellers,  is a perfect example of technology working for an industry and solving a real authentication issue.” —Nancy Wolff, Partner at CDAS, expert in copyright, trademark and digital media law


Clients choose what information is to be private or public. The Blockchain’s ledger is permanent, immutable and decentralized. Tagged objects can be unquestionable verified by the forensic tags while the “gallery label” can be read by a qr code or NFC tags. This brings credibility and trust to your objects

. Our tags provide a link to a wealth of additional information. Below please find an iPhone X screenshot of Larry Fink’s photograph of Malcolm X, edition 1/25 in 17x22inches when the original artwork is scanned.


We allow only for trusted and verified objects and data to be entered by trusted and verified people. No other player in the space offers a singular focus on verification with revocation ability. See screenshot from the iPhone X below when the authenticator link was clicked. You will see in this sample Larry Fink can authenticate Larry Fink’s artwork.



The Intaglio Blockchain’s ledger enables trusted parties to permanently tag and record the accurate description and sources of data and objects. Clients tag their physical objects and receive a block to connect their object to the Intaglio Blockchain.

Large clients can license an Intaglio Blockchain node. This nodes connects to the Intaglio Blockchain Network. The node can hosted on the client’s local server or the cloud. Their private company ledger gives them more precise control of costs, while guaranteeing uptime, scalability for high throughput operations without external control of batch sizes, limits or other performance limitations.  The data from these private chains is then pushed and published on the Intaglio Immutable Blockchain Network.

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Below is a visual representation of the very simple process. No new platforms are introduced. One needs a computer with internet access to record information about an object.



The key players on the Intaglio Blockchain team are pictured below (from left to right) are: Loni Efron, Stuart Haber, George Lambert and James Garfinkel building the Intaglio Blockchain. Photographed on August 2, 2018, 300 Park Avenue, 12th Floor in the Intaglio NYC headquarters.


“I saw the problems with authenticity, trust and trusted provenance. How are my artists being protected against fakes and forgeries? The artworks I am speaking of can reach sale prices of six digits. I have been grappling with these issues since digital became accessible. The artists are putting their best work out there, which unfortunately makes duplicating easier.

I had a chance meeting with Stuart Haber, a cryptographer and co-inventor of blockchain technology (13 years before Bitcoin). It was like a lightbulb, and I realized blockchain is the technology that can save artists.” —Loni Efron, co-founder Intaglio Blockchain

“The essential problem of how to establish the provenance of digital objects was the original motivation for me and my partner, Scott Stornetta, when we invented and then deployed the world's first blockchain in the early 90’s.  I'm pleased to join the Intaglio team in building a robust platform for unforgeable provenance now.” — Stuart Haber,
Cryptographer, Intaglio Blockchain Chief Scientist

Please visit us on instagram @intaglioblockchain. Contact us, we want to hear from you: loni@intaglioblockchain.com.